Apocalypse, the First World War – the experience

An unprecedented experience!

Second-screen applications allow access to content during a live television broadcast. Now, Apocalypse, the First World War – the experienceoffers synchronized content with a DVD or Blu-ray.

Developed for the TV series Apocalypse, the First World War, the Special Canada Edition will enhance your knowledge on a crucial period of history, revealing the full extent of Canada’s participation in the Great War, buried facts, hidden issues of the conflict, the consequences for civilians, and the deeds of Canadian war heroes, some of whom have been forgotten.

Content in this experience provides various perspectives on the main themes of the war, in statistics, historical anecdotes, period photographs, and quizzes. It enriches the five hours of newly-colourized archival footage – much of it previously unseen – in the documentary series that takes us onto the battlefields and inside the minds of leaders and soldiers, and gives us a taste of the troubles and anxieties of those waiting on the home front.

Seen by millions of viewers around the world, the series Apocalypse, the First World War is a co-production of CC&C (France) and Ideacom international (Canada). Written and directed by Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle, it is available in English-language and French-language versions. In Canada, the series was broadcast by TV5 Québec Canada, TVO, and Knowledge; in France by France 2 and Planète; in Belgium by RTBF; in the United States by the American Heroes Channel; and in the rest of the world by National Geographic.

Apocalypse, the First World War – the experience was created by Ideacom Web (Canada) with the participation of Canadian Heritage.

For information on this project, contact us at info@ideacom.tv.

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